Front of House / Concierge

Front of House / Concierge

We understand Front-of-house staff play an important role in delivering excellent service and maintaining a company’s reputation as they are the first people visible in any business for visitors and residents. This is why during our recruitment process we select Concierges who meet all of the below criteria:
  • Approachability Skills: They must be extremely approachable and inviting to guests. This is a fine line between helping guests and overreaching, and it must be balanced.
  • Relationship Building Skills: In the brief period of time that a guest interacts with a concierge, they must build rapport and trust with that person. In this sense, being able to quickly build to a certain level of relationship is a must.
  • Professional skills: This skill is a bit ambiguous and there is no clear definition. However, it means that the concierge must react to all situations with a degree of professionalism and handle crises in stride. There will be guests who are unhappy with their experience, and the concierge must not let their personal emotions interfere with the guest experience.
  • Respect skills: We look at this certain skill when recruiting because we want our staff to build a network of people and resources which will not only help them in networking but not damage existing relationships. This is achieved through competency-based questions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to treat our staff as if they are family ensuring they are respected, listened to and meeting their requirements to do their job well. We frequently offer incentives to our Concierges who provide us with a continued exceptional service by giving bonuses, gifts and even holidays!

Below are some of the responsibilities of our Concierges:

  • Welcoming Guests
  • Management of Front Desk / Reception Area
  • Process the packages that come in and out of the building
  • Supervising contractors and filling out permit to work forms
  • Controlling Access Points Around the Development
  • Handling customer queries in an efficient manner
  • Conducting site patrols and recording any defects to management
  • Overall cleanliness of the reception area
  • Monitoring CCTV and key holding

Work With Us

We can tailor our service to meet your individual needs.

We have a dedicated call centre operating 24 Hours a day 365 Days a year and aim to place someone to your premises within 2 hours from your callout which is achieved through a number of affiliates working for us across the capital and surrounding areas.

Contact us today to make a booking or find out more about our Concierge Services.


1Can I book a temp staff for less than 8 hours?
Yes, the minimum booking is 4 hours for any of our temporary staff.
2What happens if a temporary worker does not show up to work?
If a worker has not shown up for a shift due to either illness or absence, we will endeavour to find a replacement as soon as possible. Please call the office as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements. For any out of office hours, please call the out of hours number. You will not be charged for the replacement candidate and you will only pay from the time they arrive.
3Can I permanently employ a temporary worker?
Yes, you can offer a temporary worker permanent employment, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Business. However, a transfer fee charger will apply as stipulated in the T&C’s of the business agreement.
4Do you supply for Events and Exhibitions work?
We can supply for additional staffing to meet your events requirements. Please enquire with one of our consultants for further details and rates.
5What if I want to cancel my booking?
If a booking is cancelled within 2 hours of the job starting, we will apply a charge for the cancellation. No charges will apply if 24 hours’ notice is provided for cancellations.
6What levels of English do your workers have?
All of our candidates are assessed on their written and spoken English during our face to face interview We only register candidates who have a good command of English.