Fire Watch

Fire Watch

"A preventative approach is better than a reactive approach when it comes to Fire Safety”

What does Fire Watch mean?
A fire watch service plays an imperative role in putting measures in place to mitigate the threat of fire when an unexpected failure arises such as faults in your fire safety systems, alarms, sprinklers or pumps. City Recruit can provide a Fire Watch Solution for a variety of premises including high-rise tower blocks, sports venues, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and offices.

Areas We Cover
City Recruit have on call Fire Wardens throughout London, Beds, Herts & Bucks and are always ready at a moment’s notice to provide you and your business with rated Fire Wardens for a fast fire watch programme for any duration. Our employees are trained Fire Wardens that protect your property that may have cladding, experienced a fire alarm malfunction or a breakage in any fire prevention equipment.

What We Do
Fire Wardens continuously watch the premises and carry out frequent patrols of the building ensuring stringent preventative measures are adhered to at all times in order to ensure the continued safety of people. Fire Watch Officers are given advanced fire training to prevent, spot and report any potential fire & safety hazards and where possible eliminate straight away. Fire Wardens are fully equipped during shifts and wear appropriate clothing when on site. Patrols are routine & logged, and Officers can offer businesses advice on fire safety standards ensuring your business is compliant and safe.

Whether you have been instructed by your local council, fire brigade or managing agent, Fire Wardens are crucial to prevent fires from starting and raising the alarm in the first instance when spotting a fire. Every second is crucial when dealing with fires and our Fire Wardens will get raise the alarm and call emergency services as quickly as possible before a fire gets out of hand; saving lives, damage to property and hefty fines.

Our Services

Our skilled Fire Wardens are qualified in fire safety through advanced training courses covering subjects on fire prevention, theory and practical use of different fire extinguishers, fire equipment, emergency equipment & signage.

  • Fire Watch Officers can identify potential hazards
  • Can help prevent fires with routine patrols and reporting
  • Fully equipped during patrols with radios and appropriate clothing
  • Records and maintenance of fire watch logs / folders
  • Fire alarm testing & monitoring
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire only within the capacity of available equipment
  • Equipped with a Mobile Phone to call emergency services if required
  • Recommendations for fire prevention works
  • Implementation of surveillance systems and emergency systems
  • Monitor hot work area for at least half an hour after hot work operations stop

Work With Us

Whether the area you need guarded is a large shopping centre or a small residential development, our Fire Wardens can help protect your premises from fire, giving you peace of mind knowing that there’s a Fire Warden on hand watching your property.

We offer a seamless 24 hour call out response service which forms an integral element of our customer care policy. We aim to provide wardens to your building within 2 hours from you calling.

If you require any of our Fire Watch Services, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


1Can I book a temp staff for less than 8 hours?
Yes, the minimum booking is 4 hours for any of our temporary staff.
2What happens if a temporary worker does not show up to work?
If a worker has not shown up for a shift due to either illness or absence, we will endeavour to find a replacement as soon as possible. Please call the office as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements. For any out of office hours, please call the out of hours number. You will not be charged for the replacement candidate and you will only pay from the time they arrive.
3Can I permanently employ a temporary worker?
Yes, you can offer a temporary worker permanent employment, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Business. However, a transfer fee charger will apply as stipulated in the T&C’s of the business agreement.
4Do you supply for Events and Exhibitions work?
We can supply for additional staffing to meet your events requirements. Please enquire with one of our consultants for further details and rates.
5What if I want to cancel my booking?
If a booking is cancelled within 2 hours of the job starting, we will apply a charge for the cancellation. No charges will apply if 24 hours’ notice is provided for cancellations.
6What levels of English do your workers have?
All of our candidates are assessed on their written and spoken English during our face to face interview We only register candidates who have a good command of English.